About Pawnbroking

Pawnbroking is one of the oldest businesses in the world and the simplest and quickest way to get cash. Simply bring in your valuables and walk away with the cash in your hand.

Over the years the most commonly pawned items have changed considerably, 70 years ago it was false teeth and Sunday suits, today it is more likely gold, diamond jewellery and electronics. The details are no longer in a ledger with a quill but directly into our computer system.

The security and method may have changed but you still get a real service from real people and most importantly “cash to go”.

Pawnbroking is ideal for those people with personal asset but out of cash. We don’t ask you why you need the money or for guarantors or to complete a multitude of forms and wait 3 days for approval. We only ask that the goods you present are owned by you.

Over the past 100 years Aceben has evolved in terms of the products we sell and loan on and the services offered but we have retained the customer service and perhaps some of the fittings.